Dermaplaning is a popular and effective treatment for anyone wanting to improve the texture and tone of their skin. This treatment uses a patented, single use blade that gently removes fine facial hair and dead skin cells that block pores causing congestion.

At NewSkin we combine Dermaplaning with Collagen Fiber Masks, Oxygen Infusions, Skin Peels and LED Light Therapy depending on each individuals specific skin concerns.

Dermaplaning delivers benefits such as

• Complete removal of fine facial hair

• Removes dead skin cells

• Skin resurface leaving you with “Baby Smooth” skin

• Clear complexion

• Reduction in pigmentation and acne scarring

• Reduction in fine lines and wrinkles

• Brightening

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Treatment Session
30 mins to 45 mins
Recommended Intervals
3 to 6 treatments, 2 to 3 week intervals
Recovery Time
No downtime

Is Dermaplaning right for me?

Dermaplaning is suitable for individuals with a wide range of skin types and conditions and will assist in improving the appearance of:

• Complete removal of fine facial hair

• Skin resurface leaving you with a “Baby Smooth” skin

• Clear complexion

• Reduction in pigmentation

• Reduction in fine lines and wrinkles

• Acne scars

• Dull skin

• Dry skin

• Sun damaged skin

Dermaplaning is not a good choice for you if you have active or inflamed acne. Book in for a complimentary consultation with one of our qualified NewSkin skincare experts to find out if dermaplaning is right for you.

How it works

Your Clinical Therapist will cleanse and dry your face. Next, she will start to gently glide on the surface of your skin to remove dead skin cells and peach fuzz (term for fine facial hair) with a exfoliating blade using short, swift strokes. It’s a painless procedure and takes about 30 minutes. You will see results right away and it’s best paired with a peel or infusion post Dermaplaning.

Many women are often concerned that removing the facial hair will stimulate more hair growth, but that’s just a myth. Superficial vellus hair (that’s the clinical name for soft facial hair) will grow back at the same rate and texture pre treatment. Once the hair begins to grow back you can expect it to grow blunt-ended, so it will feel coarse at first, but it won’t appear darker or thicker.


Pre-Treatment Care

• Please let us know pre-booking if you are currently experiencing active rosacea or acne, dermatitis, sunburned skin or open sores.

• Discontinue the use of retinol products 3 days prior to treatment.

• Avoid sun tanning or tanning creams/sprays for at least 2 weeks before treatment.

• If you have recently had a chemical peel or other skin procedure, such as cosmetic injections, you should wait two weeks before treatment

Post-Treatment Care

• Dermaplaning allows for greater penetration of active skincare products, following this treatment it is recommended to use a Enzymatic Peel or Oxygen Infusion followed by LED light therapy as they are most effective after the Dermaplaning treatment.

• We recommend avoiding the use of any exfoliating or abrasive skin care products for 3 days pre and post treatment, such as retinol, lactic acid, glycolic acid etc.

• Avoid sun completely following your treatment to reduce the risk of hyper-pigmentation. While you are exposed to the sun, ensure you apply Aspect Envirostat SPF 50 with Vitamin E continuously.

• Pure mineral makeup is recommended.