Female & Male Laser Hair Removal

At NewSkin Laser Clinics we are able to treat both females and males of all ages. NewSkin Therapists are highly qualified and have significant experience and will design a personalised program to permanently reduce any unwanted hair.

What areas can be treated?

NewSkin Therapists are able to be treat any of part of the body for unwanted hair in both females and males. All areas are easily treatable, fast and effective leaving you with less hair after each treatment.

If you have any questions call (03) 9363 8800 to book in a Complimentary Consultation with a NewSkin Therapist today.

How to prepare for your initial and ongoing treatments

• Shave the treatment areas 24-48 hours before and ensure treatment area is clean and skincare free on the day of your treatment.

• Avoid bleaching plucking and waxing before and after treatment (the root of the hairs needs to be present!). However, shaving in between treatments is perfectly fine.

• Avoid sun exposure (including solariums and self-tanning products) 4 weeks before and after treatment.

• Discontinue any topical medications and active skin care products for 3 days prior to treatment.

• Ensure you inform your NewSkin Therapist of any medications you are currently taking.