Lip Rejuvenation & Enhancement

Along with natural ageing, there are numerous factors that can contribute to the onset of thinning lips and accompanying fine lines.

These can include inevitable repetitive movement, sun damage, smoking and pursing the lips, all which can contribute to the loss of shape, volume and an even appearance.

Is lip enhancement right for me?

Whether your lips have been affected by ageing or you’ve simply always dreamt of a beautiful, voluminous pout - lip enhancement can make all the difference.

How it works

At NewSkin, we use lip fillers to achieve the most significant results, without resorting to overly invasive procedures.

Consisting of a gel like substance injected into the lips using a very fine needle, the gel blends with the surrounding tissue that promotes nutritive elements such as oxygen and glucose to enter the area. The result? Full, voluminous, healthy lips that appear in as little as thirty minutes of treatment.