Invest in your skin. It is going to represent you for a very long time – Linden Tyler


A revolutionary new treatment combining crystal free microdermabrasion, micro channelling, deep tissue serum infusion and LED therapy.

DermaFrac has been designed to restore a youthful appearance to ageing skin. Clinically proven to treat a range of superficial defects, it offers:

• Decrease in fine lines and wrinkles

• Reduction in discolouration from sun damage, pigmentation and scarring

• Reduction in prevalence of acne, blemishes and oily skin

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Treatment Time
30 mins to 60 mins
Recommended Interval
Dehydration: 4 to 6 treatments, 2 to 4 week intervals
Fine lines and wrinkles: 4 to 8 treatments, 4 week intervals
Pigmentation: 6 to 8 treatments, 4 week intervals
Acne scarring: 8 plus treatments, 4 week intervals
Recovery Time
No downtime

Is DermaFrac right for me?

If a cleaner, softer, even complexion is your goal – DermaFrac is for you. Scientifically proven to reduce acne, fine lines, skin discolouration, scarring and superficial damage of the skins surface, Dermafrac rejuvenates and restores blemished or ageing skin.

How it works

Working to remove the outer layer of dead skin cells to enhance the penetration of the microneedles and serums, DermaFrac uses microneedling single-use rollers consisting of super fine needles that create channels in the skin. These channels are then infused with a host of active ingredients such as anti-acne therapy, antioxidants and lightening agents to heal the skin from within.

We offer a number of different DermaFrac treatments. Your NewSkin Therapist will recommend a personalised plan based on your specific needs and concerns.


Pre-Treatment Care

• Skin that has been overexposed to the sun and is sunburned should not be treated.

• It’s important to discontinue any topical medications and active skin care products for 3 days prior to treatment.

• Please let us know pre-booking if you are currently experiencing active rosacea or acne, dermatitis, sunburned skin, open sores, raised moles or warts, keloid scarring, skin cancer or recent skin cancer. Other skin anomalies will need to be considered. Please make an appointment with a NewSkin therapist to discuss your suitability.

Post-Treatment Care

• Your skin will have a greater need for soothing, nourishing products. Apply appropriate corrective serum or mask followed by barrier oil or balm and sun protection. Ask your NewSkin Therapist about products suited to your skin type to ensure you achieve optimal results.

• We recommend avoiding the use of any exfoliating or abrasive skin care products for 3 days pre and post treatment, such as retinol, lactic acid, glycolic acid etc.

• Ensure sun protection is worn (Aspect Envirostat SPF 50 with Vitamin E) on a daily basis to avoid hyperpigmentation. Sun beds and self-tanning should also be avoided.