Wrinkle Reduction Therapy

What are wrinkles?

A wrinkle, is characterised by a fold, ridge or crease in the skin, which typically manifests as a result of aging.

A natural and inevitable part of skin maturation, NewSkin offers a selection of non-invasive, anti-ageing treatments, designed to turn back the clock and enhance your most valuable asset.

Our qualified cosmetic nurses are experts in the fields of anti-ageing and cosmetic enhancement, providing non-invasive, safe and immediate solutions to refresh your appearance and bring out your natural beauty.

Cosmetic injections

Ideal for minimising crow’s feet, fine lines and neckbands, cosmetic injections are a safe, immediate solution to the aesthetic signs of ageing.

Cosmetic injections work to create a youthful appearance in the face and neckline, relaxing the muscles behind the everyday gestures such as smiling, laughing or frowning, which contribute to the eventual decline of the skins elasticity.

Are cosmetic injections right for me?

If you’re concerned with the onset of fine lines and wrinkles, aren’t pregnant or breastfeeding and are looking for a less invasive alternative to cosmetic surgery, then cosmetic injections are for you.

A quick and easy process that can be tailored to address your specific problem area, the results are phenomenal and relatively long lasting with regular follow-ups.

How it works

NewSkin cosmetic injections are administered via a very fine needle containing a muscle relaxant made from natural purified protein.

The substance works to relax the selective muscles, significant co-factors in the formation of wrinkles on the face and neck. As the muscle relaxes, the overlying skin is smoothed – the result is a softening and often disappearance of wrinkles, as well as the prevention of new lines.