Own it now. Pay later. Interest free.

Who is Zip?
Zip is a leading player in the digital retail finance and payments industry. Zip offers point-of-sale credit and digital payment services to the retail, education, travel and health industries, through it’s Zip Money and Zip Pay brands.

What is Zip Pay?
Zip Pay is a safe, simple and 100% interest-free payment solution, giving shoppers the ability to buy now, and pay later for purchases up to $1000 – without the need for a credit card. Once approved, customers are given access to a new shopping account that allows them to make flexible repayments on their own terms.

How does Zip Pay work?
1. Checkout with Zip Pay: Create your account and confirm your purchase
2. Your order is processed immediately - Zip Pay pays on your behalf.
3. You pay Zip Pay back over time in easy weekly or monthly payments with no interest ever

Can I check out with Zip Money?
Yes! If you have an existing Zip Money account.

Who can create an account?
To be eligible to apply for a Zip Pay account the following is required: , who is and is employed, earning at least $300 per week.
• Australian citizen or permanent resident
• Minimum 18 years of age
• A valid Australian mobile phone number and email address
• Facebook, PayPal or LinkedIn account in your name

How do I create an account?
You can create an account here or during checkout while making a purchase at any store which offers Zip Pay. To create an account, all you need is a social media account and to confirm the details that you would normally enter when shopping online (e.g. your name, email, mobile, address, DOB and gender). Subject to approval, this process takes only seconds after which you can complete your purchase and pay for it later! Once you’re approved for your Zip Pay shopping account, you never have to apply again.

What are the fees?
At the end of every month you can choose to pay off your previous months’ Statement Balance in full and you’ll pay nothing extra. Therefore, for every purchase you make you’ll have 30 to 60 days (depending on the date of purchase) to pay with no additional charges.

Alternatively, if you need more time to pay simply make a payment that suits your budget (a minimum repayment of at least $40 per month required, if outstanding balance is less than $40, balance is payable). Only one $6.00 monthly service fee will be added to your account for any month you have an outstanding balance, regardless of how many purchases you make. No balance, no fees!

There is no establishment fee to set up your account.